About Us

Our facilities have a large space (30,000 m2) surrounded by mountains in Hungary where our Akitas enjoy complete freedom during the day, as well as a perfect climate for them.

At night, they sleep in the kennels, which are cleaned twice daily to ensure proper hygiene.

All dogs require a high-quality diet that is rich in protein to support their growth and development as puppies and then to help them maintain lean muscle mass as adults. 

In addition to plenty of protein, dogs need healthy fats to provide a concentrated source of energy. Fats also help support the dog’s immune system and keep his skin and coat in good condition. 

Our CCTVs are working 24/7 to ensure the security of the Akitas.
Of course, anyone who wants to come to visit our facilities and enjoy some time with our Akitas can do so without any commitment.



Our dogs have won many awards in the dog competitors in Japan


Our dogs are from the biggest kennel in Europe and Japan

We are passionate about Akita Inu, they are our life partners. We can proudly say that we are a leading kennel in the European.

All this involves an enormous effort; all puppies before birth have had previous work that is incalculable; expensive trips to Japan, genetics courses, exhibitions to publicize your effort and work, health tests before pairing them, to guarantee the quality of future puppies.

And above all, time, a long time; a puppy before being delivered has personalized attention of at least 200 hours: mothers from the time of their accounts, until the puppies are more than a month old, are video-monitored at all times, assistance in childbirth, nights in suspense, feeding them, take care of them and give them a family education to facilitate their correct adaptation in their future home …

In short, lay the foundations so that the day you take the puppy home, all that remains is to enjoy it. So when people ask us the price of one of our Akita we usually say that we give the puppy away, what we are charging is all the work well done behind it.

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